Friday, January 15, 2010

What the Hell is Going On Save Money Live Better My Ass

What a gimmick eh. Save money live better. Save money on what?, products that kill your pets or your kids! Save money so they live better is what it is. pretty obvious the corporations don't really care about you or your interests.
Even if you buy a decent product and save a little they want you to spend it in their stores so in effect you save nothing. Smart shoppers can also hunt the ads and coupons and save even more than you would at the big chain outlets. The old smiley face people don't shop them for you as they would have you believe, you have to take a copy of the flyer in with you to get the price difference, what a waste of time.
And what is our govt doing to help protect us here from Chinas imports, NOTHING. Quite frankly I am more concerned about the things China is sneaking out to the world than I am about terrorism.
The big corporations and there special interests run this country along with a military machine that preys on your supposed weakness and fear against terrorism.
What a load of crap!
Make money and live how you want, have a system in place so that you pay the MINIMUM amount of tax that you have to, because I'll tell you what we already send them enough of our hard earned dollars. We can have great medical care paid for by our tax dollars, we can have some military but we need to change the direction of what they do and we need to change the direction of where our tax dollars go and hold our govt accountable.
I say we raise a little hell, our system stinks. 2 party biased politics that get us nowhere. A very small percentage of people with most of the wealth, and yet we let our ELECTED officials turn around and give them MORE through bailout programs.
What the hell are we letting them do to us and by us I mean the majority of us that work hard and get nowhere, the majority of us that could and should demand change for the entire system, the majority of us that PAY the majority of taxes, the class of people that are getting left farther and farther behind.
Military budgets that are at record highs and they want more, backdoor politics where the Sec of Treasury gave bailouts to his buds with no string attached.

We need REAL change, govt for the people, of the people and by the people. Our elected officials forgot where we came from. You ever notice that those that go into politics have already made their money from some other source so who do you think they are going to support?
We need to revamp the whole system. Gov tneeds to be downsized and we need to run them ALL out of office and start over with a real democracy with a little more socialism kicked. We have to focus on taking care of our own and our country will get better and then other will give us back the respect that we deserve becaus ewe have earned it.

Work for yourself, let the big corporations die, learn how to pay the minimum amount of tax allowable for you and your own business and lets take back everything thqat we deserve starting with our own lives!

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