Monday, January 4, 2010

Factors that make a Good Online Company Great

Five underlying effects of helping make a good company great are:
1. Technology is an accelorator, great companies don't chase after fads or jump on bandwagons. They determine what approaches give them the best chance for success and drive its adminstration.
2. Simplicity Rules, leaders for a great company know what their businesses passion is about. They understand what drives their economic vehicle and at what they can/or cannot be among the best in the world.
3. Culture wide education is fundamental. You need to combine a culture of discipline with moral entrepreneurship and you will be more likely to achieve success.
4. Celebrity exec's are hardly ever leaders of great companies. Great businesses are driven by leaders with who have maintain a mixture of professional will and personal humility.
5. Great people must be in the design. Many good companies have a powerful strategy and try to rally people around it. Great companies start with great people and structure great results from their efforts.

I am reading "Good to Great" by Jim Collins and you can gleen this same information from this outstanding book and apply it to your online business model.

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