Thursday, December 17, 2009

John Bogle Slams Managerial Capitalism

No doubt the banking industry uses the same investment managers that he talks about. Why do we continue to let corp america rule? There is a better way and you can go with a proven online marketing industry leader. Use their remarkable system from home to generate earnings you deserve, change your life for good, financially educate yourself to not only survive, but thrive in todays economic onslaught. Empower yourself, educate yourself and build your own virtual office business to reach your dreams!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Career With Online Industry Leader

I thought that I had a secure position with the worlds largest retailer only to have my position eliminated through a realignment. I was frustrated and facing financial ruin because of this circumstance. I decided that my future was up to me and what I would do NOW and not dwell on the past. The advantages of working with an industry leader in the online world are many. Cutting edge technology, proven marketing system, training, products, support and a call center that no one else in this industry has. There is huge value in these benefits that help me prosper in todays online business world. I am now, not only surviving, but thriving, and looking to share what I have learned in this business with others of a like mind and dedication. Educate yourself with these powerful products and tools, get motivated with your business and then share your knowledge one person at a time. That is what this community of successful online entrepreneurs is all about.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frustrated With Corporate Career?

Things not quite what they seem in the corporate world. Companies like Walmart want you to save money so you can live better. What thay really want is for you to spend whatever you MAY save on more cheap product. They don't care if you live better.
Wants and needs are different for everyone and sometimes we get them confused.
The thing is if you truly want a better life you need to find a way that gives you the freedom of choice to not have to shop at the Walmarts of the world or work there for that matter ( I know) I have found a better way that is letting me and my family enjoy each others company more often, share in each others lives and dreams. I no longer have 60 hour work weeks, and I no longer have a need to save money to live better, I made the lifestyle changes to make money to live the way I choose.
You also can utilize this online marketing model to leverage your time, reach your goals, and make dreams, reality.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Online Business Opportunity

What happens when corporate America rules?
You may think that you have a secure, safe paycheck but then they decide to trim payroll, downsize, outsource, condense/realign positions and YOU have no control.
Think about this; YOU, are at the mercy of someone else ALWAYS no matter who you work for, if you are an employee.
You have the power to make a change, invest in your own skills, ambition and determination.

Get the training and support that you probably never received at your place of employment. Enjoy being with a community that wants you to do well and will help and encourage you every step of the way. Live your dreams, celebrate your successes, chart your own course and earn what you are worth.
Don't become another sad statistic in this screwed up economy.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Finding Top Online Marketing Businesses

There are a few simple keys to look at for on line businesses that all people should look at before jumping in.
1. The marketing system involved
2. Training/support
3. Products offered
4. Community ie.. who you work wth
5. Compensation

If you are out looking for get rich quick schemes, THEY DO NOT EXIST!
If you are serious about being an entrepreneur and working with a team you need to visualize a life that you want, for yourself, family and even your friends. (What you will be able to accomplish for others is a big motivator too).
If you want freedom, mobility, can take action and have the drive and ambition to lead you can utilize this business model.

I was in a very good corpoate position with the worlds largest retailer when they decided to re-align and I lost everything, excellent salary, health bene's, stock options. I thought that I was successful but apparently not, oh and no explanation given, just a goodbye, have a nice life.
Then I started to think about everything, my life, my family and friends and ALL of the things that I missed out on because I was working, or on a business trip ect..
I was successful at the expense of my life, until I found this on-line business opportunity that really turned my thoughts to visualizing what I wanted my life to look like and then setting goals and making it happen. NOW I celebrate success along the way to living my life the way I want not what someone else dictates, plus a very solid income that can be whatever I work for it to be.
I don't feel that you should have to Save Money to Live Better, I think weshould MAKE money to live better.

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