Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Corporate Bailout

Supreme court rules that corporations have the right, because they are deemed individuals, to free speech aka... spending billions to sway public and political opinion to further their causes?
What a load that is, they are not individuals and they already own all of the media so you cannot believe much of what they say. And they own many of our politicians as per their campaign contributions. What is our country coming to? Our 3 branches of govt are running the people that keep this country going right out the door.
We are slowly losing ALL of our basic freedoms.
The wealthy, the corporations, big govt, rich politicians and those with hidden agendas are taking everyhting from the hard working folks of this nation.
We need drastic reform and we need it now. Our system of govt is so flawed that it is unworkable, ineffecient and lumbars behind corporate greed like a dead dinosaur.

There are things we can do:
stop paying taxes
fire all of our state and federal publicly elected officials
throw out the 2 party system
no more pork barrel politics, vote on the issue and that issue only
lets set up a nationwide online voting system so that THE PEOPLE vote on everything
from legislation to going to war to overthrowing supreme court decisions. Gee that way the majority rules??? Could be done securely and effortlessly with todays technology.
Lets pare down state and federal govt's now. Doesn't make sense to me that we need hundreds of idiots on both levels that cannot get to some form of agreement on new laws and legislation and they think the people are not smart enough to have an informed opinion.
The days of I am not voting for it because it was put on the table by a democrat or republican need to be over.
Our priorities as a caring thoughtful nation that leads by example for humanitarian causes and cutting edge technology to help make the world a better place lag even that of supposed 3rd world countries. We have lost our way because those with the money are keeping us down, telling us how we should live, how we should vote, hitting us with catchy little ads and slogans telling us we should save and live better when we should be getting more out of what we do for THEM and living how we want to live.
You can make a big difference by working from home and getting financially educated so that you can get everything out of life that you deserve. Set yourself free financially and then get after setting yourself and others free from the corporate mongers and political chaos that our government causes the majority of its people today.
We can begin to take back some of the wealth that has been taken from us and we can and should make the rules that the majority of us get to live by but actually only a priviledged few get to make.

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