Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frustrated With Corporate Career?

Things not quite what they seem in the corporate world. Companies like Walmart want you to save money so you can live better. What thay really want is for you to spend whatever you MAY save on more cheap product. They don't care if you live better.
Wants and needs are different for everyone and sometimes we get them confused.
The thing is if you truly want a better life you need to find a way that gives you the freedom of choice to not have to shop at the Walmarts of the world or work there for that matter ( I know) I have found a better way that is letting me and my family enjoy each others company more often, share in each others lives and dreams. I no longer have 60 hour work weeks, and I no longer have a need to save money to live better, I made the lifestyle changes to make money to live the way I choose.
You also can utilize this online marketing model to leverage your time, reach your goals, and make dreams, reality.

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